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Come to Llanes to see the wonderful Cantabric Sea. You''ll fall in love with it!

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Costa Verde has many beautiful beaches and a wide selection of hotels. Choose your destination to find the best accommodation in Costa Verde and enjoy a great vacaction in Spanish Coast. Costa Verde is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterrean, the perfect place for a great holiday with hot sun, delicious food and fantastic fiesta. Furthermore Costa Verde has a wide offer of accommodation: you can find a variety of hotels, hostels, resorts and apartments of all kinds and for all budgets. From Costa Verde most luxurious hotels to the cheapest hotels in Costa Verde: a wide range of hotels for everyone, and always with best rate guarantee. Just choose the Costa Verde destination you prefer and we will find the best option for you among all hotels.

As the same name indicates, the Costa Asturiana has a rich and colorful landscape facing the Cantabrian Sea. This sea bathes the shores of vast sandy beaches and steep cliffs, modeled by the waves over the centuries. Costa Verde is the perfect destination for those who love hiking thanks to the contrasts of the coastal zone, which is both dramatic and stunning, and the Asturian countryside.