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Do you want to visit the beautiful island of Corfú? This destination has become one of the most demanded this summer, thanks to its stunning beaches, delicious culinary options and the fantastic Mediterranean atmosphere. Take a look to our hottest deals for hotel in Corfú!

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Corfu is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean, the perfect place for a great holidays. Furthermore we have a wide offer of accommodation in Corfu: you can find a great variety of hotels for everybody and for all budgets. We have all the hotels available on HotelNights with the lowest price guaranteed. Just select the Corfu area you prefer and we will find the best option for you among all hotels.

Corfu is an island that is revealed little by little, as they did thousands of years ago the Phaeacians who came here with their legendary boats and gradually discovered its colors, smells, sounds, and sensations. Sandy beaches, picturesque coves, villages clinging to the hillsides, pristine forests of olive trees over 8 meters high, the old capital: this is Corfu. Certainly, Corfu is the perfect location to book your accommodation through HotelNights.

The old town of Corfu is a romantic, fashionable and mysterious place. Why romantic? Because of its narrow streets in the middle of tall buildings, cobbled squares, Venetians wells and hidden courtyards that change when the night comes down. Why Fashionable? Thanks to the visitors that attend every night the maze of streets to visit the fantastic restaurants and trendy bars. Why mysterious? Thanks to its atmosphere, as well as the 2 fortresses that surround the old town, providing a unique charm.

Another place of Corfu that cannot be missed is Paleokastritsa. Located northwest of the city of Corfu about 25 km, the area of Paleokastritsa is one of the most spectacular and beautiful landscapes of the island, formed by two small peninsulas that give tourists the opportunity to choose from six different Bays in which to relax. With waters with colors that fade from blue to emerald green, Paleokastritsa is one of the nicest places to dive in the island of Corfu.

Beaches of Corfu

Among the stunning beaches of Corfu, we can name Agios Gordios. The endless sandy beach of Agios Gordis is the closest to the town of Corfu. The hills covered with lush vegetation and overhanging rocks contrast with the deep blue sea on this side of the island. The beach of Aghios Gordi is Sandy, is long and deep and offers tourist facilities that cater to all needs. At one end of the bay, the sea has a background that becomes rock and is ideal for diving or spear fishing. If you decided to stay at any of our Corfu Hotel, don''t forget to take a look to this area.

If you are visiting Corfu with your significant other, we suggest you visit Diapontia Islands. It’s located on the northwest coast of Corfu; Diapontia is a small paradise in the Mediterranean Sea that remains hidden from the tourist crowds. Diapontia compromises 3 small islands: Othon, Erikousa, and Mathraki, whose distance is between 2 and 7 km from the coast of Corfu. Certainly, the perfect place if you want to enjoy small sandy beaches with a peaceful environment.